Since last year I have worked on a new project. It’s a project that not ‘only’ focus on music, it’s a project that combines music with a social aspect. I always missed the social part or more human aspect in music, which is something very essential to me: the humanitarian aspect.

I heard about this foundation called VIRAGE and I love what they do and their mission statement: VIRAGE helps people to reintegrate into their life after a cancer treatment. People who are cancer free and need to go back to their life, which is obviously not the same. It’s different and they have maybe lost some friends, or their job and they surely have a totally different view of what life means for them today. This is where VIRAGE will help and support them. VIRAGE has different programs and offers ateliers like yoga, painting classes etc.

So I thought “this is it”! I called them and asked them how I could help the foundation make a profit with my music!? They liked the idea but have no funds for a project like this, so I had to come up with another plan…

VIRAGE on Facebook | VIRAGE homepage