So I came up with another plan. I called the VIRAGE Cancer Foundation and told them that I will make a crowdfunding campaign! The only thing they have to do: organizing a venue and invite people for a CD release party! And they said Yes!

The idea: I’ll make a crowdfunding campaign where people can contribute so I can record a CD benefiting the VIRAGE foundation. The foundation will get 100% of the profits for every CD they sell.

The musicians on this project will be Don Thompson (jazz, piano, vibraphone and double base), Erica Goodman (harp), Coenraad Bloemendal (cello), Reg Schwager (guitar) and me on vocals, (soprano). Don Thompson will make all the arrangements and will also compose some songs for Trio Désirée.

Here is one of the songs, he has already written for the Trio: Autumn Nostalgia (extrait).