We met this morning Dr Jean-Pierre Guay, who gave us a wonderful interview about what it means to him when a patient has cancer. After his interview we had the chance to meet a patient, who still has cancer, but responds very well to her treatment. She gave us an insight of what it means to live with the diagnosis and how life really continues, but with a turn! So we learned that the foundation VIRAGE has two words in it: VIE (life) and RAGE (rage) and the word VIRAGE (turn). People with cancer live their life very intense, they are furious and they’re happy, but their life makes certainly a turn…While I was listening to their stories I felt that everything around me didn’t matter and I felt deeply grateful to have met these people. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing lesson of life!

We left the hospital speechless but with lots of hope in our heart.

Next step will be: we will take some shots at a yoga class at the hospital, have another interview with a second patient and an interview telling you why I am doing all this next week!

Photo: starkimproject.com