On Tuesday we met another woman for the interview. She was very nervous and didn’t know what to say in the beginning. But we tried to make her feel comfortable and at the end she started to talk directly from her heart. I wrote down her quote earlier this week on my twitter page. She said: “the ‘good thing’ of having cancer is you start to enjoy life!”

It’s a sad statement that reflects our society, but it’s also a statement that gives a lot of hope. Again, I was very touched by this moment and her impressions she had from what she underwent and still is undergoing, made me very silent and grateful.

After the interview Nat aka Kimura and I had some lunch at the cafeteria and we talked about our childhood and about life in general. All of a sudden we had a very deep discussion and it felt as if this project would like to show me so much more than I’ve ever imagined.

In the afternoon we went to a yoga class organized by the foundation VIRAGE. It was important to us not to disturb the session too much (that’s why you only see some feet in the picture). We took some other pictures too but may make some changes in the movie later and make them more flu. But for now all I have are pictures with feet!
We left after thirty minutes and they continued to share their thoughts, fears and laughter while stretching their bodies.

Since the beginning of this project I met many different people so far and they were all related to this project. I feel like this project embraces and touches so many people and it feels like one big family!

I learned also that cancer is not only at the hospital, cancer is everywhere and almost everybody knows someone who had it or still has it. There are many stories, but it’s not always sad! You’ll be surprised, how hopeful some people sound. It’s important to see this side too…

I look forward to my next week when I’m going to edit the video together with my wonderful friend Nat!
So stay tuned…

Photo: starkimproject.com