Longtime haven’t talked to you! But I was busy making the new promo video for the campaign and reorganizing ERDECO (ERica Goodman, DEsirée Till and COenraad Bloemendal) as non profit organization. Here is a teaser of the crowdfunding campaign!

Now finally we can say that TRIO DÉSIRÉE, ERDECO RECORDINGS and ERDECARE will be part of the ERDECO group, based in Québec, Canada. This is a big step for all the musical projects we’re working on right now: it gives us the opportunity to ask for funding. We hope that with the crowdfunding and the provincial and federal funding we may reach the goal of financing this project!

We also start preparing our next rehearsal with the Trio and Don Thompson for the end of June. We’ll do some recordings of our latest cover songs and start with the programming for the VIRAGE CD. Wish us luck and I hope you like the teaser. More likely will come soon! Stay tuned and enjoy your weekend…