Hi everyone,

sorry for the long, long silence, but we were busy and here I am again with:

  • a program for the upcoming CD project for the foundation VIRAGE in Montreal
  • a non- profit organization called ERDECO
  • the video for the crowdfunding with French and English subtitles
  • some goodies (clips) from the rehearsals in Toronto with Don Thompson and Trio Désirée from the making of the new program !

You will get a glimpse of all this in the coming weeks while Trio Désirée starts to hit the road with their new video and we hope that people like it and maybe want to support this. We first will go out now and talk in person to all of you and see, how far we can go and next will be the release at indiegogo or kickstarter! Wish us luck…and of course I keep you updated now more frequently!