After a long break I’m back again on my blog!

I worked hard on a new CD with sacred music, featuring Jacques Boucher (organ)! This CD is the result and hopefully the end of a long story: my daughter has been bullied and the result of this was that she saw all of a sudden everything in black and white, blurred and double, she had nightmares and had to throw up at school whenever she was anxious. I only found out after one day she was beaten at school by some girls. The whole situation was very difficult and dramatic: the police and two lawyers have been involved and we had to go for checkups and tests to several eye clinics and to the Children’s Hospital, but everything seemed fine. At the end, it was my daughter, who told me the whole story which started almost at the beginning of the school year and finally we started to see a psychologist and changed the school. After the summer break, she started at a new school where slowly her eyesight came back to normal and her nightmares disappeared, she didn’t throw up anymore and she made new friends. She finally made it!

Now you understand, why I had to do something. I was so lucky to have met Jacques some years ago. We had worked together just for fun. So one day we had a chat and Jacques asked me, what kind of title we should give the CD, if we’re going to make one! First of all I was very happy with his idea and it took us not very long till Jacques had the idea to call it ’emotions’! Later on I felt that this CD would even send out a strong message because of what had happened to my daughter this year!

Jacques is such a wonderful person to work with. He knows instantly and with lots of empathy, what is important and most of all: he knows me: all of the songs are related to the situation I lived in that moment with my daughter!

A title was born and we started working…